About Us

My Study Park is a venture of LABOUR INDIA PUBLICATIONS Ltd, meant to make learning liberal, easy and quality oriented. During pre digital era, we used to learn math from school and from private tuitions. But we had no control on the strength of the class, and more the quality of the school or the private tuition teacher, more the strength it will be. But it is always good to learn mathematics in small groups, and ideally it must be one to one teaching. Without the use of digital devices, such a one to one learning with a quality teacher is not at all practical. In this era of digital learning, education can be made cost effective without compromising on the quality standards, and that exactly is the reason for the birth of this website. That to bring the best teachers of mathematics to any home and get privately tutored.

We have three sets of courses, SSLC- which is meant for Xth standard Kerala syllabus , CBSE- which is meant for Xth standard CBSE syllabus and Basic Math- which contains all basic concepts of mathematics meant for any student as well as any one preparing for competitive exams.

The course modules are divided into chapters and each chapter will contain videos which will explain the basic concepts associated with that chapter. Followed by that, there will be a set of problems in those chapters, and if you can’t solve that problem, you can easily learn the solution by viewing the video solutions.



Chapters based on syllabus for each course.



Question from previous question papers and similar model questions.



Videos to explain the concepts of each chapter and videos to learn how to solve each problem.



Satisfied users are the end result of constant research, thoughtful corrections and dedicated struggles.